Carey Jackson, MD, MPH, MA


Dr. Jackson is a Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington and a general internist with graduate training in both anthropology and public health. He is Medical Director of the International Medicine Clinic in Seattle, WA (which specifically serves refugees), and related consultation services: Northwest Health and Human Rights, the Refugee and Immigrant Health Promotion Program, and Community House Calls (a program to decrease cultural barriers to care for non-English speaking patients), and Interpreter Services at Harborview Medical Center (Seattle’s county hospital). Additionally, he is Director of the EthnoMed website (which contains medical and cultural information about refugee groups). He has been a service provider to Seattle’s refugee communities for 25 years. He collaborates closely with refugee resettlement organizations (e.g. health care facilities that serve refugees, voluntary resettlement agencies, and mutual assistance associations); and has extensive experience overseeing navigator services. He has been the Principal Investigator or a Co-investigator for multiple community-based research projects addressing cervical cancer and other health disparities experienced by Southeast Asian (Burmese, Chinese, Cambodian and Vietnamese) refugee populations.