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Survivors of Torture Integrated Care Continuum (SOT-ICC)

The SOT-ICC (Integrated Care Continuum for Survivors of Torture) Instrument was developed by the Center for Victims of Torture with support from the NCB project partners, Harvard Program for Refugee Trauma and NYU/Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture. The NCB technical assistance project is funded by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) through cooperative agreement number 90ZT0142.


Abstract-Oral Presentation: 2018 NCTTP Research Symposium. Testing New Models of Integrated Care for Survivors of Torture.

Psychological Issues and Techniques in Navigating the Asylum Process

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Mental Health service providers can play an important role in the successful adjudication of the asylum process for traumatized migrant population. Our involvement is multifaceted and exists in a context full of challenges.  This two part measured impact webinar, entitled "Psychological Issues and Techniques in Navigating the Asylum Process" is designed to help mental health service providers navigate these complex issues.

Over the course of the two sessions, we will examine the central goals and areas of potential intervention in the asylum process.

Fundamentals: Medical Services Part 1

This lesson introduces MEDICAL SERVICES, PART 1 (24 minutes). There is no assessment at the end of this lesson. At the end of Medical Services, Part 3 there will be an Assessment that covers Parts 1 - 3. 

At the end of the three Medical Services lessons, you will be able to:

  • Identify professional and community resources used in participant’s center to meet the medical needs of survivors.
  • Describe the physical and health consequences of torture on survivors and their families.
  • Describe how the physical effects of torture impact the holistic healing process for torture survivors.
  • Describe the
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